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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  March 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caught on tape. another possible case of san francisco police behaving badly. see what convinced a judge to throw out a drug case. what's in the milk. new fears about traces of radiation from japan showing up in the u.s. food supply. and good morning, everyone. it is thursday, the 31st day of march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 5:00. of course, it's opening day. we're excited about that. the weather is spectacular. so let's kick it over to lawrence, and -- >> are we talking record temperatures, lawrence? >> yeah. i mean, we have six records yesterday around the bay area.
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today we could see even more. it is going to be the hottest day of the week today as we are going to see that ridge of high pressure sitting over head. 84 in oakland, 85 san jose, and 86 degrees in santa rosa. enjoy it, folks. we have major changes on the way. we'll talk more about that in just a moment. right now let's check on some traffic with elizabeth. >> all right. we have better news now in petaluma. mentioned this accident northbound 101 right before old redwood highway. it is our only accident out there right now and it was just cleared to the right shoulder so now northbound and southbound traffic looks great. all right. all your approaches to the bay bridge still nice and quiet really throughout the east bay. you can see all green on your sensors right now. if you are coming down the eastshore freeway, westbound 24 no problems right now from walnut creek. 880 through oakland, great, and 580 no problems towards the macarthur maze. we'll have more traffic coming up, but back to you guys. >> thank you. more accusations of police
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misconduct here in san francisco. another video has surfaced that appears to show officers entering an apartment without the proper consent. anne makovec reports, it is enough to convince a judge to dismiss a criminal case and she joins us now with more. anne, good morning. reporter: good morning. it was a felony case but it was just a marijuana charge. and the man did have a marijuana card. but this does kind of feed into the larger potential case of police misconduct here in san francisco. this video was provided by jeff adachi showing a few officers in a local apartment building from security cameras in the garage and hallway, when they allegedly went into an apartment without consent or a search warrant. apparently it contradicts the officers' report that they had their badges on, that the badges were visible and that they had received permission from the suspect when they
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entered his apartment. >> i'm not going to jump up and down and panic every time jeff adachi states that the sky is falling. >> the smell of marijuana in this city is not an emergency circumstance. >> reporter: now, dozens of other cases as frank referred to have been dismissed recently because of video that raises questions about the accuracy of police reports. you're looking at video from the henry hotel in the tenderloin where officers are again accused of entering a residence without consent. they either need consent or a search warrant. so another case that was thrown out. so this morning we are hoping to hear some sort of response from the police chief and we'll bring that to you when we get it. frank? >> surveillance video changing our world. anne makovec, thank you so much. live in san francisco. prosecutors could rest their case today in barry bonds' perjury trial. they plan to call three more witnesses to the stand.
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yesterday, former as slugger randy velarde testified he received performance-enhancing drugs from bonds' trainer greg anderson. velarde is one. four ballplayers to admit that he got steroids -- one of four ballplayers to admit that he got steroids from greg anderson. bonds is charged with lying to the feds that he didn't knowingly take steroids. remaining witnesses including a surgeon, personal shopper and friend. two home burglary suspects are behind bars and a third being sought after a dramatic police manhunt in the east bay caught on tape. let's go to kiet do in hayward now, and he will show us the pursuit. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in fact, we are right here at the same spot in front of the house that had those surveillance cameras that were rolling that caught this whole incident on tape yesterday morning. now, it was a hayward police officer who was responding to a burglary when he spotted the getaway car coming straight at
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him right here on leeward street. the police cruiser crashes head on with the jeep. then all three suspects inside the car make a run for it. the officer tries to tackle one of them but the man gets back up and takes off. s.w.a.t. officers search the area house by house. and then a few hours later a k- 9 unit found one of the suspects hiding in a shed. then a few hours after that, police surrounded a house and a negotiator called one of the suspects on his cell phone and the guy surprised officers by actually picking it up. he admitted that he was their guy and then he surrendered. for neighbors on this quiet street, it was quite a spectacle. >> i think they were thinking they were either in our backyard or in the field behind us. >> reporter: and so there have been a rash of burglaries and home invasion in this area lately so neighbors and police have been on heightened alert and those two suspects that were arrested were booked on charges of burglary and assaulting a police officer. the third guy is actually still on the loose.
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sydnie. >> kiet, thank you. kiet do in hayward this morning. >> great video there. newark police have been searching overnight for an at risk missing teenager. 14-year-old kenneth stevenson usually goes by kenny diagnosed with autism. went missing last night after get to into an argument with his mother over homework and grades. he does not have a history of running away. he was seen in the area of a school around 10:00 last night. this morning a sign that japan's nuclear crisis is impacting u.s. food. this is new video from washington state where a low level of radiation has been detected in milk samples. but the feds say it is 5,000 times below the fda's risk level. in japan, u.n. inspectors picking up increased radiation levels outside the current evacuation zone. they are taken 25 miles from the fukushima plant or two times higher than what typically prompts the u.n. agency to tell people to clear
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out. time now 5:06. yesterday lawrence was the most favored guy in our newsroom. today he is even bigger than big. >> he's king. he's the king! >> king for a day or two. >> beautiful day yesterday and expecting more of the same today? >> yes. people may not be saying as many nice things about me this weekend but hey, right now everything is great. look at that ridge. that's the something else, a huge dome of high pressure sitting overhead bringing us those offshore winds. and the record-breaking temperatures in the bay area, we needed a break from all that rain we have had. numbers outside right now pretty interesting. a little cool inland. 49 degrees in fairfield but check out san francisco right now. 61 degrees. you get those offshore winds that air starts to sink as it approaches the coastline starting to heat up. speaking of heating up, just wait until this afternoon. 72 pacifica, 84 a record in san francisco if we hit that, 85 concord, 86 santa rosa. and 85 degrees in san jose.
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you get the idea. another spectacular day outside. let's get a traffic check with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. another spectacular morning so far on the roads. no big issues. here's a live look at 880 through oakland past the coliseum. taillights moving northbound, still 15 minutes between 238 and the macarthur maze. southbound traffic looks great if you have a flight to catch at oakland airport, southbound 880 a quick trip from oakland down into hayward. here's live look at the san mateo bridge. you're cruising here, as well. there was some roadwork near the 92/880 interchange. should have wrapped up in the last few minutes. right now in that westbound commute direction on the right side of your screen, that is a 13-minute drive out of hayward towards foster city and the peninsula. we have a mud slide partially blocking highway 101, so we'll have more details on that up in humboldt county so we'll have more details on that coming up in a bit. back to you.
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>> thank you. 5:08. a navy jet explodes on a ship in southern california. the latest on the condition of 10 u.s. marines hurt in the blast. >> plus, life at a standstill in capitola. we'll tell you how a growing sinkhole creating more problems for victims of the devastating flood there. >> and play ball. the giants back in action in l.a. tonight. who is take the mound plus the player hospitalized after a late-night car accident in hollywood coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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as they clean up. two flash floods in three days caused extensive damage to the coastal town last week. among the areas hardest hit was capitola village where a coffeehouse says it won't re- open right away. early damage estimates in the city are at about $10 million. that's expected to go up as many problems are discovered. another problem spot is the pacific cove mobile home park there. power there is still out. their sewer and water service still turned off. all 43 spaces have either been red- or yellow-tagged and no one is allowed to stay there overnight. >> your life pretty much goes limbo for a couple of weeks until you get back in. >> engineers say a sinkhole at the park which existed before the floods is now expanding. even capitola city hall was affected by the floods as well as the fire and the police departments. 5:12. there is an emergency meeting in san pablo today. the city council will ask the governor to declare state of
5:13 am
emergency to help victims of a big landslide. now, there's already a local emergency. now the city's hoping for emergency funding from state and federal agencies. the ground first started giving way last thursday. it damaged six homes on wyman and hillcrest. three are yellow-tagged. the city says it is still testing the stability of the hillside. but here's one other issue. it's not clear where the money will come from for repairs. if you pay property taxes in san francisco, there's a deadline you need to know about. this is the last day you can ask for a temporary property tax reduction for the next fiscal year. you do that through the assessor's office. the "chronicle" reports you can get a temporary reduction if the market value of your property has the dropped below the assessed value. 5:13. the "governator's" new gig. arnold schwarzenegger's larger- than-life role about to hit the small screen. >> several marines hurt in southern california after an explosion on a navy ship. the catastrophic failure to a
5:14 am
jet on board. and check out those flashing lights in the distance right now as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. that is a stalled big rig. and it looks like it's partially blocking if not completely blocking a carpool lane. we'll have more details on that plus the rest of your morning commute coming up. ,,,, versus toyota. which is better? [ male announcer ] why do so many car companies
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if you liked yesterday, it's going to be something else. we haven't had numbers like this for quite some time. out the door, a mixed bag. 40s in the valleys but already in the 60s at the coast into san francisco. already 61 degrees. now, this afternoon, these temperatures are going to be something else. record breakers around the bay area. numbers moving well into the 80s in many spots. 70s at the water's edge at the coastline. so you get the idea. we are in for some kind of day. huge dome of high pressure overhead, this is beautiful looking as that ridge is very strong. that will change this weekend. sunshine more record-breaking temperatures today. not the hottest day but maybe the hottest day on record as we
5:18 am
see temperatures soaring around the bay area easily in the 80s in many spots. 87 in los gatos, 87 cupertino, 85 palo alto, 83 degrees sunny in union city. 82 in richmond and 58 in concord. the north bay, how about these temperatures? well, going to crank those numbers up to some of the hottest. 86 in napa and santa rosa. 73 stinson beach. as we look out over the next couple of days, tomorrow we'll see some decline, an onshore breeze kicking in to cool us down at the coast, maybe returning some fog at the beaches. cooler inside the bay. breezy conditions on saturday. sunday heating up to bring back the sunshine, warm things up monday and tuesday, maybe a chance again the middle of next
5:19 am
week. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, at the bay bridge toll plaza we have flashing rights -- flashing lights and a stall still, unfortunately, blocking one of those far carpool lanes. so again it's not causing any big delay but still waiting for tow crews to get out there and clear the scene. all right. we are going to go all the way towards humboldt county. there was a landslide yesterday. they had to completely shut down the highway north- and southbound 101. this is affecting big rig traffic. there are detours in the area. they are hoping to get one way traffic control in effect within the next couple of days but they say that closure is going to be in effect until about mid-april. so obviously bad conditions up there in humboldt county. all right. closer to home, if you're commuting southbound 101 through san rafael, everything looks great now approaching the 580 interchange. looks good all the way down if you are continuing south towards the waldo grade quiet towards the golden gate bridge. from marin county we'll take a
5:20 am
check of the south bay now and southbound traffic looks great, northbound and southbound traffic in fact look fine coming out and into downtown san jose. live look at 280 traffic and actually 101 there was a little bit of overnight roadwork between story road and capitol expressway. that has now wrapped up just within the last couple of minutes. and as far as we can tell right now, mass transit is running on time. we are hearing a possible ace train delay so stay tuned for that. we'll let you know if that's the case. in the meantime, remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. in the headlines, another criminal case dismissed in san francisco because of apparent police misconduct. a judge tossing out a drug case after security video appeared to show plainclothes officers did not display badges or get permission before entering the suspect's apartment.
5:21 am
today nato taking over control of air operations in libya. operation unified protector will enforce the no-fly zone, main tan an arms embargo and protect civilians from moammar qaddafi's forces. there is still talk of arming the rebels but nato's chief says that's not allowed. the japan nuclear crisis is affecting u.s. food. radiation has been detected in milk samples in washington state but the feds say it is 5,000 times below the food and drug administration's risk level. it is 5:21. this morning, the u.s. navy is investigating an accident that injured 10 sailors during a training exercise off the southern california coast. they were hurt when the engine of a fighter jet exploded on the flight deck of the uss john c. stennis yesterday afternoon. right now four of the sailors are in stable condition at the naval medical center in san diego. the other six were all treated on board the carrier for burns.
5:22 am
today is the day the giants home opener happens. a player was hospitalized after a late-night car crash, coming up. from the terminator to "governator." now superhero. arnold schwarzenegger's next role since leaving sacramento. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's the first play ball. it is opening day for the san francisco giants. and i apologize, i said home opener but see, i thought it was -- i was ready for next week. it's the season opener for the san francisco giants. >> yeah. they are going down in los angeles. it's the first step towards defending their world series championship. they are in los angeles taking on the dodgers. tim lincecum takes the mound. game starts at 5:00. the home opener friday afternoon. we'll be down there at noon. so it's great. those tickets, by the way, have been sold out forever. even the cheap seats going for $136 on stubhub. >> everybody wants to be there. giants pitcher barry zito is out of the hospital this morning. police in los angeles say he got into a car accident last night near a home he owns in the hollywood hills. a witness says zito not badly hurt but he did go to cedars- sinai hospital to be checked out. it's not known what caused the
5:26 am
crash. but police say it was not zito's fault. he will pitch sunday against the dodgers. >> i'll be back! >> that was good. >> well he is back now. >> he is. arnold schwarzenegger back in show business that is with a new animated television series called the "governator." >> takes my entire career base and it's bodybuilding, action movies, the governorship, takes all those things and combines it into one and makes it into the "governator." >> the cartoon will focus on a superhero living a double life as a family man. the series is planned as the first stage of a franchise that could include some feature films down the road. >> he started grousing a little bit that while he was governor, he lost millions. >> $200 million. >> when his movie career was on hold. >> tough job he had. >> catching up now. >> i think's happy. it is 5:26. a bay area city that's a
5:27 am
hotspot for car thefts. the specific neighborhoods thieves are targeting and the cars they are looking for. another criminal case being thrown out because of alleged police misconduct here in san francisco. we're expecting to hear from the police chief this morning. the latest coming up. and hayward police are still looking for a burglary suspect involved in a chase and a car crash that was all caught on tape. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. it is thursday, the last day of march, march 31st. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 5:30. let's start with a quick check of weather and traffic. do you remember what a difference a week makes, lawrence? >> yesterday, nobody would talk to me. today -- >> we were talking yesterday. >> everybody loves me. you were saying some bad things. [ laughter ] >> everybody wants to say good things today because we have sunshine and it's looking good, too. we have record high temperatures expected by the afternoon around much of the bay area, about 86 degrees in santa rosa about 85 in san jose. hey, if you want to get to the beach even about 73 degrees in half moon bay. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. right now, though, let's get a check of traffic with elizabeth. >> unfortunately we have big
5:31 am
problems for ace train riders. ace train number one is running about 35 minutes behind schedule. they tell us there's some kind of signal issue going on with the train. it could affect subsequent trains as well including ace train number 3. so yeah, major delays right now for ace train riders. otherwise, bart, muni metro, caltrain, everything reported on time. on the roads we're doing well. at the bay bridge, slight delays in the cash lanes. they got the earlier stalled big rig clear. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. more accusations of police misconduct in san francisco. another video has surfaced that appears to show officers entering an apartment without consent. anne makovec has the story. >> reporter: good morning. this caused a felony case to be thrown out here in san francisco. now, some people say in this case, not too big of a deal. it was a marijuana case and the man did have a medical marijuana card. but this case does potentially
5:32 am
show a broader picture of police misconduct. take a look at this video, some surveillance video that was given to us by a prominent local defense attorney jeff adachi. this is what caused the san francisco judge to toss out this case. it is from a local apartment building. you can see the officers in the hallway and garage. it apparently contradicts their report that their badges were visible at the time and that they had received permission when they entered a suspect's apartment because of the smell of marijuana. >> as i come out the second time, they tried to coerce that i way into my door. i told -- they tried to coerce their way into my door. i told them no. >> the video isn't that dramatic. >> reporter: this is from the henry hotel in a previous case. one of dozens of others dismissed recently because of video that raises questions about the accuracy of police
5:33 am
reports. the officers again accused of end, a residence without consent. keep in mind, you have to have either consent, it has to be an emergency, or they have to have a search warrant to enter your apartment. and again, this man said that was not the case. we are expecting to hear from the police chief here this morning and when we do we'll be bringing that response to you. sydnie. >> thank you, anne makovec in san francisco. prosecutors could rest their case today in the barry bonds perjury trial. they plan to call three more witnesses. prosecutors say they won't call any more baseball players. yesterday former as slugger randy velarde testified he received performance-enhancing drugs from bonds' trainer greg anderson. velarde one of four ballplayers to admit he got steroids from anderson. bonds is charged with lying to a grand jury that he never knowingly took steroids. the prosecution's remaining witnesses including bonds
5:34 am
former or not i surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, personal shopper and a drug testing expert. it's like a episode out of "-- an episode out of "cops." kiet do has a chase and video. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in fact we're standing in front of the house where those surveillance cameras are located that caught this on tape yesterday morning. now, a hayward police officer was responding to a burglary call when he spotted the getaway car heading at him on leeward street. the police cruiser crashed head on with the jeep and then all three suspects inside the car tried to run. the officer tackled a suspect who took off. s.w.a.t. searched the area house by house and then a few hours
5:35 am
later a k-9 unit found one of the suspects hiding inside a shed. then a few hours after that, police surrounded another house. a negotiator called the suspect suspect on his cell phone and the guy answered. he admitted that he was the person they were looking for and then he surrendered. there have been a rash of burglaries and home invasions lately so police and neighbors have been on heightened alert. >> it's very scary especially when we have all these kids running around and playing and riding bikes. they have been having a lot of home invasion lately and the cops had been passing out flyers saying, you know, lock everything up. >> reporter: and so the two suspects were booked on charges of burglary and assaulting a police officer. the third guy is still on the loose. >> thank you, kiet do in hayward. 5:35. let's go back to lawrence now with another look at what's happening outside weather-wise. record temperatures. lawrence, we could talk to you all day about this. it's so nice. >> i would love to do that. >> i bet. [ laughter ] >> we have some great weather,
5:36 am
folks, we have a lot of sunshine outside and hey, this is just beautiful. look at, how about that ridge. we haven't seen a ridge like this all season long and sending any chance of rain well to the north. that will change this weekend but bask in that sunshine for today. it's going to be something else! some record-breaking temperatures today. 84 in san francisco. 84 in oakland. 85 degrees in san jose. and 86 in santa rosa. if we hit these expected temperatures, records all around the bay area. things will change. starting to cool down tomorrow a bit. and then a chance of showers returns to the bay area as we head in towards saturday. time for a traffic check with elizabeth. good day to out the top down. >> i know. good day to put the top down or sunroof. i have a sunroof. >> roll down the windows, enjoy it. >> i'm always cold. i'll probably still use my
5:37 am
heated seat. a problem in san francisco, downtown poll sounds like they shut down a portion of park presidio boulevard. right now, it's shut down in both directions between geary and california streets. so again, they are saying this is a downed pole. we are working to get some more information. in the meantime we know that ace train 1 is 35 minutes behind schedule so yeah, if you are an ace train commuter expect some big delays for ace train numbers 1 and possibly 3. they are dealing with signal problems. back to you. >> thank you. san francisco apparently is a hotspot for car thefts and the problem is getting bigger. police tell "the examiner" auto thefts have spiked 10% citywide compared to last year. among the biggest trouble spots, the financial district, chinatown, fisherman's wharf and north beach. police say thieves are mainly
5:38 am
targeting '90s models car, specifically accords and civics and toyota cameras. newark police have been searching overnight for an at risk missing teenager. 14-year-old kenneth stevenson usually goes by the name kenny. he is diagnosed with a form of autism. union city police say that went missing last night after he got into an argument with his mother over homework and grades. he don't have a history of running away. he was seen in the area of pioneer school about 10:00 last night. a new communication link between bay area emergency responders could one day save lives. authorities are testing a new digital radio system that will let responders in san mateo county talk directly with responders in san francisco. the two counties can't do that right now because they are on different radio systems. san mateo county's new system is expected to launch next month. well, today nato took over sole control of air operations
5:39 am
over libya. operation unified protector includes enforcing the no-fly zone. secretary of state hillary clinton says there's still no decision on whether to arm libyan rebels. but the head of nato says that's not allowed under the u.n. mandate on libya. and the cia is reported to be on the ground in libya. a small team of operatives apparently went in earlier this month and helped rescue an american crew member after an f- 15 fighter jet crashed. "new york times" reports the cia is also helping direct air strikes. as for arming the rebels, it's something that's being considered by the u.s., britain and france. >> it may not have to be the united states. there is good reason to think that some european special forces could do comparably well. >> anti-government rebels in libya are asking for more help from international forces as moammar qaddafi's ground forces gain ground against them. a new sign this morning that japan's nuclear crisis is impacting california's food supply. state authorities say low levels of radiation are turning
5:40 am
up in milk samples here. the california department of public health says it detected low levels of radioactive iodine in a sample in san luis obispo county taken monday. officials say a similar result found in washington state last week. but the feds say it is 5,000 times below the food and drug administration's risk level. time now 5:40. a major pizza recall this morning. the popular store and the affected flavor coming up. forget batteries. how your own heartbeat could charge an ipod. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of. we have another one like it maybe even a few degrees warmer as high pressure continues to dom 1998 our weather. a much-needed break from all -- continues to dominate our weather. a much-needed break from all that rain. a little chilly inland today but even at the coastline so temperatures into the 60s. the temperatures will sore by the afternoon. 70s, maybe even some upper 80s toward the afternoon. plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline. check out this ridge. it's a dominant ridge now continues to bring those offshore winds to the bay area. that will crank up those temperatures outside so here comes that sunshine. record-breaking temperatures again around the bay area today. and then looks like we'll begin to see some changes as we head in toward tomorrow. so enjoy that sunshine and the warm weather. about 85 sunnyvale, 85 palo alto, about 83 in union city. 70s at the immediate coastline. as you head well inland today, you will find mid-80s in many spots as high as 83 in
5:44 am
berkeley, 85 concord and brentwood. the north bay plenty of 70s coastside but you have 80s showing up in san anselmo, 83 san rafael, and 81 degrees in benicia. you get the idea, this is going to be some kind of day outside today. but changes as early as tomorrow, sea breeze going to kick in may bring some fog back toward the coastline, cooling temperatures off there and inside the bay and then as we head in towards saturday, breezy conditions, clouds on the way, chance of some showers here in the bay area, drying outcome sunday and monday, and tuesday maybe some more rain as we head towards the middle of next week. all right. let's get a traffic check from elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. several things going on now. firms the city streets in san francisco. park presidio boulevard is partially shut down. we are hearing about lanes blocked in both directions between geary and california. there is a downed pole across that stretch. so again, crews are out there now. also dealing with some bad ace train delays. second straight day for delays. ace train number one is running up to 35 minutes behind schedule. dealing with signal issues for
5:45 am
a second straight day and we are hearing that ace train number 3 might be affected by this, as well. but definite delays for ace 1. in the meantime bart, muni metro are on schedule. we had a stalled big rig on 880 towards the bay bridge toll plaza. it's cleared. we watched it being cleared by tow crews so easy commute right now into san francisco. the metering lights are off. you're cruising in all lanes, fastrak and cash lanes and it's a quick trip from the incline to the "s" curve. we are watching a possible hotspot westbound five five approaching north flynn road. that's the where we got a vehicle fire just reported, sounds like it's actually a big rig on fire. everything is off to the right shoulder. but again, crews are heading out that way now. tow crews have to head out there. there is a chance they may have to block a lane. right now no delay as you make your way out of the altamont pass. 15 minutes is the drive time from westbound 580 from the
5:46 am
altamont pass towards 680 and the dublin interchange. we still have this roadwork should be wrapping up shortly by about 6:00 this morning. and it is going against the commute. eastbound 580 between airway boulevard and north livermore avenue, various lanes blocked. and remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. get the latest traffic updates. that is your traffic. back up to you. >> good stuff, okay, elizabeth, thank you. 5:46 your time. a check of today's top stories now. a san francisco judge tossed out a drug case after looking at security video of police contacting the suspect. that video raised questions about the officers getting permission to go into his apartment and the other issue is the police report on the arrest. in hayward a police car rammed into a jeep with three home burglary suspects inside. and then the suspects take off. you will see it here in the video. officers comb the neighborhood yesterday. they managed to nab two of those suspects. the third suspect still on the loose this morning. and we'll soon know more
5:47 am
about the plans for america's cup races that begin next year. san francisco's mayor has a news conference about it today. the "chronicle" reports the plans include a new streetcar line along the embarcadero and some street closures on the waterfront. opening day for the san francisco giants the season opener. the world series champions against the los angeles dodgers in l.a. they will meet 17 times this season. tim lincecum will be taking the mound. the game starts at 5:00 this afternoon. tickets have been sold out for a long time. we just checked stubhub tickets going from $100 to $650. giants pitcher barry zito out of the hospital this morning. police in los angeles say he got into a car crash last night near a home he owns in the hollywood hills. a witness says zito not badly hurt but he did go to cedars- sinai hospital to be checked out. it is not known what caused the crash but police say it was not zito's fault. now, he is still set to pitch
5:48 am
sunday against the dodgers. cal baseball may not have struck out after all. it could be reinstated next year after being scratched from the roster because of a lack of money. a former pitcher attorney stu gordon has donated $500,000 of his own money and raised a total of $9.4 million to save the team. the university has said that the team needs $10 million to keep swinging. >> are you concerned that they won't accept this $9.4 million offer, this gift? >> i'm concerned that there is a chance to reinstate baseball at cal. >> gordon says he is trying to raise the extra money by tomorrow. >> well, money may not buy everyone happiness. >> but your looks can buy both money and happiness. that according to a new study being released today. researchers say better looking people generally earn more money and marry those with better looks and higher salaries.
5:49 am
they also found that beauty affects a woman's happiness more directly than a man. well, if that doesn't get your heart pumping, neighbor will. >> how about charging your ipod with your own heartbeat? researchers have developed a chip that generates power from a single body movement, which includes anything from a heartbeat to simply walking. the chip would generate the same voltage of two double-a batteries so how soon could it be on the market? well, right now it's too early to tell. boy, ipods do everything now, huh? that's amazing what they're figuring out. >> imagine buying no more double-a batteries? >> don't center to plug it in. >> just plug it into yourself. 5:49 on a thursday. imagine your internet working 100 times faster. >> wow. >> than the average connection. that is fast. well, it's now possible. where google is launching its new service coming up. plus, what do you dislike about your facebook friends? the top complaints on the social networking site.
5:50 am
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just released from the labor department.. good news to report a stein that the job market's turning around. new numbers just released from the labor department show that unemployment claims actually dropped last week. the number of people applying for new benefits fell 6,000 to 388,000. that's the second drop in three weeks. unemployment applications near or below 375,000 signals a sustained increase in hiring. check your refrigerator. frozen pizza from trader joe's is being recalled this morning. the affected flavor is al pollo asado. it contains wheat, which is an allergen that's not listed on the label.
5:53 am
the 10-ounce packages are labeled est p974. the pizzas were produced between january and march. they were shipped nationwide. kansas city, here i comes. google has chosen kansas city, kansas, as the first location for its new fiber network. google says it will be more than 100 times faster than the average connection in the united states today. >> moving at google speed is not usually possible for the average city, but then everybody in this room knows that kansas city, kansas, not the average city. [ applause ] >> that is smoking fast. several cities competed for the honor. google hopes to offer google fiber to more cities in the future. turns out facebook friends may not be all that friendly after all. a new survey finds 85% of the women claim their friends use the social networking sites to
5:54 am
brag or overshare. 65% are tired of friends who update their status a little too often. more than half are annoyed with the drama queens out there. and 40% can't stand friends who brag about their seemingly perfect life. >> you know, we need to talk about this with our facebook expert, elizabeth. do you find that's true? >> i'm not an expert. >> no. >> i'm more of a facebook stalker. >> do you think people brag too much or complain too much? >> i don't really write that maybe facebook status updates but it's kind of a brag book. >> i'm more of a voyeur. i like to listen and read what everyone else says. >> that's what i mean by stalker. [ laughter ] >> it does seem like everyone's life is perfect out there. >> that's -- we did that story earlier about facebook depression with teens. i think it is easy to look at all these other people's lives. >> they think their lives are better. >> shall we talk to this guy? >> oh, yeah. >> who? >> come on.
5:55 am
the weather has been so beautiful. you might get a lot of friends today if you were on facebook. >> i'm sure i would have a lot of friends, yeah. >> last week, not so much. >> but this week is looking great. we have a lot lot -- a lot of sunshine out there today. we have some more record- breaking temperatures coming our way. how about this. 70s coastside, 80s elsewhere around the bay area starting to cool off a little bit tomorrow. a sea breeze moving in and fog at the coast, chance of showers, return of sunshine and warmer weather sunday and monday. hey, this is the perfect picture for you today. >> he is ready to go today. go, giants. should be a big day out at the park. let's get a look at some traffic. >> unfortunately, we have a lot going on. first out to san francisco. park presidio boulevard down in both directions because of a
5:56 am
pole. closed right now between geary and california. crews are out this now trying to remove the pole. as train number one 35 minutes behind schedule. -- ace trail nun one 35 minutes behind schedule, number 3 on time. bart, muni and caltrain look good. a trailer is fully engulfed in flames on eastbound 580 at north flynn. chopper 5 is heading to the scene. it's causing slow traffic in the commute direction for westbound 5 80. back to you. coming up in the next half hour, an automaker shutting the door on a popular program. what some car owners can't do starting tomorrow. and they have no power, no sewer, no water service. the rush to fix a big sinkhole in capitola before it's too late. and surveillance video
5:57 am
being released, allegedly showing police misconduct and causing a felony case to be thrown out. we'll have that video for you coming up next. and hayward police are searching for a burglary suspect that was involved in a crash and a foot chase that was all caught on tape. i'm kiet do with that live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
convincing a judge to toss out a drug case. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. new allegations of police misconduct. the video convincing a judge to toss out a drug case. >> a race against time in capitola. the fears people have if a sinkhole isn't fixed by tomorrow. and good morning. it is thursday, bright and sunny out there, march 31st -- soon to be, anyways. i'm so excited! >> it's bright and early in here, right? >> i'm frank mallicoat, by the way. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time coming up on


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